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Epcot CV Builder

Epcot Career Solutions CV Builder Tool…a FREE revolutionary Tool for everyone (individuals, educational establishments, jobcentres & commercial providers etc) to use in the UK & throughout the European Union.

CV Builder

This site requires registration. This will allow you to enter your career history as you would on an application form. At the end, it will format the CV and give you a choice of great looking layouts.

One Step Up

Find your education and training options in 60 seconds. It works!

Career Guide – What job’s right for me?
This site requires registration. For graduates in UK, but for the academic part you can choose any of the drop down choices. It should not adversely affect your results. It will not give you a definitive answer, but it will be a good starting point for a conversation with your Job Coach.

My Next Move

This is a U.S. site so the paths towards careers are different, but it has some useful exercises for translating your interests in to potential career choices. It might be a good place to start and a useful building block for further conversation.

Strengths Finder … and much more

This site requires registration. There is a lot of evidence that building on strengths leads to more positive outcomes. This site will allow you to discover your strengths as well as a whole range of tests that give you greater insight into yourself as well as the words to sell your qualities.

Big 5 Personality Test

This is one of the most widely accepted tests for extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience. Neuroticism is the aspect negatively correlated with good work outcomes. It is useful to be aware of this and manage around (not fight) it.

All you need to know about taking part in Online Assessments

Welcome to the cut‑e free Online Assessments information and practice site for people invited to take part in Online Assessments

How to pass aptitude tests

This UCC page has sound advice, plus a list of links to sites for practice tests at the bottom of the page.

Essential Job Search Tools

A free ebook to download and keep. It includes example cover letters and templates.

West Cork Job Support’s ACT Programme

Active Career Track (ACT) is a career progression programme offering a step by step path to improving your employment prospects.

Benefit of Work Ready Reckoner

This Department of Social Protection website will help you work out whether taking that job offer pays.

Use the MABS Self Help Guide & Budgeting Tool

Use the Self-Help Guide if you have fallen into arrears with your debts and bills.

Use the Budgeting Tool if you are not in arrears and want to create a household budget to help you stay out of debt.

Access on line learning

This site requires registration. Loads of free online courses in a whole range of subjects, (not just job related), that can benefit you, your skills and your whole well-being.

Here a few ideas to get you started:

To help you manage your time and be more effective: Introduction to Time Management

Now you can that extra time to plan your career: How to plan your Career Path

Don’t neglect yourself, also take time to chill: Yoga Exercises

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Employment Toolkit

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