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We are in a recession, are there any jobs?

Employability Service West Cork continues to source jobs for the clients on the books, during these more challenging times. Flexibility around the type of work, hours and where you will work will enhance your chances of finding a job.

I am not sure of the type of work that I would like to do. Can I still join this service?

Some people start with our service, without a clear idea of the type of work that they wish to go into. This is where the weekly meetings with the Employment Facilitator will benefit you, in deciding what type of work that you want to apply for.

Has this organisation a bank of jobs for the job seeker to choose from?

No, the employment Facilitator works with the job seeker to secure work through contacting employers/companies, or through the usual application methods.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No this is a totally free, DSP funded organisation.

I am in receipt of a disability payment. Will I lose this if I start working?

If you are in receipt of a disability payment, it is possible to work and still retain all or part of your benefit. The situation depends on what payment you are on, how many hours you work, your work income and your own personal circumstances. Your Employment Facilitator will discuss your situation with you in a confidential setting. We offer independent advice and information on this area.

What about my secondary benefits? Will I lose my medical card/free travel/rent allowance etc?

Retaining these benefits depends on the disability payment you receive, the hours you work, the amount you earn and other personal details. We will discuss your situation with you in a confidential setting. We offer independent advice and information on how these benefits may be affected if you start working.


Why should we use Employability Service West Cork?

We can provide your organisation/business with job ready candidates at no cost/obligation.

I just need someone to hit the ground running, can you provide me with someone who can do this?

We have all types of skill sets, experience and abilities on our books. We have professionals, graduates, manual workers. We wish to meet your need in the hiring process

I may only have a job for a couple of hours a day or less?

We can provide fill in/emergency staff or hour by hour staff – our service is tailored to meet your needs

Is there anything else, the service can offer?

Support from the employment facilitator
Workplace grants and subsidies
Employer support
Knowledge of the candidate when the candidate is put forward for the job.

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